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National Republican Congressional Committee emails hacked during 2018 campaign

It turns out that hackers are an equal opportunity bunch.  During the lead up to the 2016 U.S. election, much ado was made of the hack of the Democratic National Committee and subsequent publishing of stolen emails.  Now, thanks to a
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Keep holiday gifts safe with a super strong door lock that's on sale

The holiday season is known to be a time of giving, but in reality, it's the season of stealing. According to the FBI, many states see an increase in burglaries throughout the month of December, when people's homes are filled with expensive gifts
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Someone bought, which links to sexual assault survivor resources

Brett Kavanaugh didn't buy a domain with his name in it. So now, if you go to, .org or .net, you won't find an official site for the contentious Supreme Court Justice, sworn in on Monday after an FBI investigation into multiple
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Sexual assault hotline receives most traffic ever after Ford's testimony

Christine Blasey Ford's testimony against Brett Kavanaugh seems to have triggered visceral emotions and memories in countless sexual assault survivors.  RAINN, a nonprofit anti-sexual assault organization that operates a hotline for victims,
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Trump snaps 'I know you're not thinking' at woman reporter and it only gets worse from there

President Trump can truly throw any event off the rails — even a seemingly benign event celebrating a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. Speaking in the Rose Garden on Monday, Trump managed to make a quite a few missteps, some of which
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The hearing's over, but people still aren't buying Kavanaugh's discredited argument

Brett Kavanaugh's seemingly tenuous relationship with the truth is still haunting those who watched him testify on Thursday. At times, the prospective Supreme Court justice abandoned composure to shed tears and scream, but at his most jarring he
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Jimmy Kimmel was full of praise for Christine Blasey Ford after her testimony

It has certainly been quite the day.  Following the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, Jimmy Kimmel was full of praise for Christine Blasey Ford, whose testimony captivated America. "She was polite, likeable, well spoken and more than anything, it was
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No matter what happens now, history's judgment on Kavanaugh is already clear

The date is September 27, 2068. On your neural net's news feed, you catch a glimpse of an item that says "50th anniversary of Brett Kavanaugh hearings." You think you vaguely remember something about that from the American history class pills, but
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NPA resolution ignores the biggest cause of the issue - bankers' complicity

From: Buisness-standard By Debashis Basu Recommended by: business-standard The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a case in the Andhra Pradesh High Court involving a public sector bank (PSB). The bank had given a loan
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Apple vs. the FBI never ended, and the FBI is winning

If you own an iPhone, you should be concerned about GrayKey. That's the name for a new kind of device that's becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement agencies across the U.S., according to recent reports. It's popular because it unlocks