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The best SIM only Vodafone deals from for those afraid of commitment

Hands up if you can't handle commitment. You know who you are. For many, the thought of long-term commitment sends a shiver down the spine, whether that's in the context of a relationship or choice of mobile phone contract. There are currently a
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Farmers are now using literal lasers to scare birds away from their crops

Scarecrows might make for a nice aesthetic, but the latest trend in keeping pests away from crops sounds like something straight out of Star Wars.  Lasers are now the newest trend helping blueberry and raspberry growers in the Pacific Northwest
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Strike fear into the hearts of hackers with this online class

To beat a hacker, you must become a hacker. That’s what ethical hacking is all about: you learn the tricks and tools that cyber-criminals use to infiltrate the networks of major institutions, use that knowledge to set up secure safeguards, and
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3 Fears About Assessments and How to Get Over Your Fright

In the eyes of many in talent acquisition, there seems to be a perception that talent assessment presents the following obstacles: Candidate experience — Ensuring your hiring process provides a positive and meaningful experience for applicants
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Amazon has Jibo the robot on sale for $400 off on Prime Day and Alexa better be scared

So we all know Alexa— but do you know Jibo? Jibo is "the world's first social robot for the home," and he just might give Alexa a run for her money. Normally priced at a steep $899, Amazon has this little robot friend at an unbeatable price of
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Safe-to-Try: A Way of Making Tough Decisions

Stuck making a decision? You are not alone. Making decisions makes most people afraid. Even leaders fear the consequences of making the wrong call. Either because they want to protect their position or lack the courage to challenge the status-
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'Florida' is a haunting look at the 'pestilence and dread' hiding in the sunshine state

Lauren Groff knows what you think of when you think of Florida: Disney, Miami, Florida Man. But in her new book Florida, the writer describes a different tenor to the sunshine state. "My Florida is different. My Florida is full of pestilence and
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Lizard's bright UV tongue helps to scare off predators

The blue-tongued skink, also known as a blue-tongued lizard, is already fascinating due to its colourful gob, but researchers have discovered its secret power. Ordinarily when threatened, the lizard uses its tongue as a warning to predators. SEE
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Kenan Thompson says he fears leaving 'Saturday Night Live'

The length of Kenan Thompson's tenure on Saturday Night Live has become a running joke on Saturday Night Live. And he knows it. During Donald Glover's recent monologue, Thompson acknowledged just how long it's been since he first auditioned in 2003