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Watch Kim Jong-un's stunned reaction to Trump's fat joke

Most people wouldn't use an international nuclear weapons summit to try out their latest comedy material. Most people aren't President Trump. At lunchtime during Trump's Singapore summit Tuesday, the president joked to photographers that they should
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So... when can I make my avatar fat?

Facebook is trying to make VR diverse, and that's admirable. But it's missing an easy way to be even more inclusive, and possibly empowering, with many of its users. The key: Give users the power to create VR avatars that are body accurate, even if
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Body positivity isn't enough. This book will teach you 'radical' self-love.

Sonya Renee Taylor, an activist and poet who identifies as fat, black, and queer, refuses to apologize for her body.  But she doesn't want you to mistake her defiance for an abundance of self-esteem or self-confidence. Nor is it solely about
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The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

From: Via: Nina Teicholz's The Big Fat Surprise is ESSENTIAL reading on the saturated fat debate covered in RH. Blew my
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New fitness tracker can tell you how much muscle, fat is your body made of

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times GPS and navigation equipment and mapping devices producer TomTom on Wednesday launched a new Rs 13,999 activity tracker, TomTom Touch, along with two other products to penetrate the
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Calling Food 'Healthy' Doesn't Really Mean Anything

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Calling Food Healthy Doesn't Really Mean Anything.
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The Forgotten History Of Fat Men's Clubs

From: Via: The Forgotten History Of Fat Men's Clubs: 1903, in a cheery
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Wanna be cuter? (There’s an app for that)

From: Via: Wanna be cuter? (There’s an app for that): #vanityVirtual reality is getting more unreal all the time. Take the latest
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Honda Activa vs Mahindra Gusto – Shootout

From:   By: Mohit Soni Via: Bravo to our team! “@M2Wmotorcycles Gusto has fought its competition already! @motorbeam
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“Bad fat” possibly helpful for cancer patients

From:   By: Sam Sexton Via: “Bad fat” possibly helpful for cancer patients say that cancer