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Tesla builds first factory outside United States in Shanghai

A looming trade war with China hasn't slowed down Elon Musk or his beloved brainchild Tesla. Right after the car company was forced to raise the prices of its cars by at least $20,000 each due to China's increased import tariffs on American-made
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Major Apple parts supplier Foxconn breaks ground for factory in Wisconsin

Foxconn, a major Apple parts supplier, broke ground in Wisconsin yesterday for its first plant in the United States. The project located at Mount Pleasant in southeast Wisconsin is estimated to cost $10 billion and is projected to create thousands
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Corporate Culture Today Extends Beyond the Office and Factory

Edward Stack, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods one of the largest United States sporting retailers took a bold stand a couple months ago when he decided the chain would no longer sell assault rifles. In addition, he also announced Dick
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Elon Musk will sleep at Tesla factory to oversee Model 3 production

Tesla has lots and lots of cars to build so Elon Musk will be sleeping at his electric car factory. That's what the Tesla CEO tweeted Monday after an Information article about his deeper involvement in Model 3 production went out.  SEE ALSO:
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'Fake follower' factory Devumi denies NYT exposé on shady practices

Twitter board member Martha Lane Fox didn't deny having fake followers on the company's network after a New York Times investigation exposed her. She blamed it on a "rogue employee." But in regards to the actual company that supplied her with fake
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Rangs opens automotive assembly plant

From: Via: Just the beginning of an exciting adventure in Bangladesh. Congratulations to our partner Ms.Sohana Rouf
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When Foreign Companies Are Making, Not Killing, U.S. Jobs

From:   By: PATRICIA COHEN Via: @POTUS We're proud to be a job-
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How an Old Baltimore Steel Factory Pivoted From Bagel Baskets to Airplane Parts

From:   By: Leigh Buchanan Via: How an Old Baltimore Steel Factory
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Rip Curl clothes produced in North Korean factory with slave-like conditions

From: Mashable By Brittany Levine Beckman Recommended by: Mashable Australian clothing company Rip Curl has admitted one of its winter collections was manufactured in North Korea, but labeled as if the garments had been made in