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An extinct gibbon was found buried in an ancient tomb. Did humans kill them off?

Inside a desk drawer at a Chinese museum, a British paleontologist came across the face and jaw bones of a long-dead gibbon in 2009. Five years earlier, scientists had discovered the bones inside an elaborate 2,200-year-old tomb belonging to a woman
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Everyone's getting new Gmail — and old Gmail will soon go extinct

Who gets new Gmail? You get new Gmail! And YOU get new Gmail! EVERYBODY GETS NEW GMAIIILLLL! Ok, it may not be a free new car, but on Monday, Google announced that its massively updated new Gmail would launch to general availability (GA) in July.
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Crowdfunding campaign leads to major discovery of healthy Tasmanian devils

Tasmanian devils are on the brink of extinction, but there's a glimmer of hope. And it's shining brightly.  Scientists exploring Tasmania's southwest wilderness discovered a group of the animals that so far appears to be completely free of the
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Eastern quolls reintroduced into the wild after 50-year disappearance

Once abundant on Australia's mainland, the eastern quoll — also called the native cat — has been extinct in the country for half a century. Fortunately, they're still widespread in Tasmania, where they exist in the wild and in captive
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The world is on the brink of a mass extinction. Here's how to avoid that.

From:   By: Brad Plumer Via: RT @voxdotcom: Do we still have time to avoid mass extinction? http://t
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6 new facts about Neanderthals

From:   By: Josh Urich Via: 6 new facts about Neanderthals are learning more and
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10 Animals That Went Extinct in 2013

From:   By: David Steen Via: Living Alongside Wildlife: 10 Animals That Went Extinct in 2013: http://t.