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An expert alien hunter told us what to do if we ever meet ET

Ever look at the sky and think, "Is there life out there?" It seems like we all do at some point, but we are definitely not ready for first contact. We don't like being unprepared, so we talked to an expert at SETI, and made a short guide in case
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Top New York Times Bestselling Authors

From: Via: Thanks @bigspeak of BigSpeak’s keynote speakers have taken their industry
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Hawaii's Kilauea volcano doesn't usually explode, but now experts are ready for the worst

It's common for plumes of steam to drift from the summit of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, as hundreds of curious visitors peer onto a blackened, lava-covered land.  But rangers have now closed down most the park, as top
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Social Ecology in the Digital Age

From: Via: @dstokols a founder of Social Ecology, has a new book that examines how people’s environments change their
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Grief-stricken snake expert lets pet black mamba bite him, live streams suicide

From: Hindustan Times By HT Correspondent Recommended by: Hindustan times A Russian snake expert filmed himself dying and broadcast it live after he allegedly let his pet black mamba bite his hand.Arslan Valeev, a former zoo
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A hiring expert explains why India’s startups are losing their talent

From:   By: Ananya Bhattacharya Via: A hiring expert explains why India’s
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When Expert Advice Creates Analysis Paralysis

From: Via: Analysis paralysis: what are the causes? #psychology #science #influence #
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Your Four-Step, Digital-Clutter Detox Plan

There are two sides to the messy workspace story, according to science. One says that keeping things neat prompts other productive behaviors such as eating healthier and doing socially responsible things like giving to charity. Recent research from