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Experiences and your fear of engagement

Want to go visit a nudist colony? I don't know, what's it like? You know, a lot of people not wearing clothes. Show me some pictures, then I'll know. Well, actually, you won't. You won't know what it's like merely...     
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The problem with direct experience

"I'll know it when I see it," or perhaps, "I'll see it when I know it..." We're hardwired to believe and understand the things we can actually experience. That's why no one argues about Newton's laws, but most people panic...   
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The Case For Making Onboarding a Yearlong Experience

The onboarding process is often a disjointed set of events that is partially owned by different areas of HR and the business, leaving the new employee feeling discouraged and frustrated. With partial-process owners across talent acquisition, HR
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How to Reduce the Costs of Salesperson Turnover

What to do if you lose one of your best reps.
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Higher Education Goes Digital, Deepening Student Engagement

The current generation of digitally savvy students expect a high-level user experience, with no exception for their educational institutions. Many schools are now turning to customer experience firms to map the student journey, and strengthening
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10 Commandments for Performance Discussions

I invested 38 years in the corporate world and my experience spanned a myriad of departments – to include human resources where I oversaw our leadership development program and played a critical role in personnel policy and practice. My time...