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10 invoicing tools for small business owners startups and freelancers

From: Mashable By Josh Steimle Recommended by: Mashable Image: Getty Images/Ikon ImagesGetting paid is a core aspect of your business.That might sound obvious, but moving cash from a client’s bank account to your own is often more
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Achieve Financial Freedom By Becoming Mindful About Your Money

Most people are unconscious when it comes to their money. For instance, do you know your net worth? Do you know how much money you have in savings? Do you have a financial plan? These are just a few of many questions you should be asking yourself
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4 tips to slash unnecessary monthly expenses

From: Mashable By NerdWallet Recommended by: Mashable Image: Getty ImagesMost of us pay our bills around the beginning of the month, and about this time the stack can get pretty high — as does the hit to your bank account. If you’
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8 tax mistakes for start-ups to avoid business expensesMashable

From: Via: 8 tax mistakes for start-ups to avoid’s that time of year again when we hunker down and curse the powers that be as we