Eximius’14 from 8 th to 10thAugust

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IIM Bangalore’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit features Shashi Tharoor, Mallika 
Sarabhai, Piyush Pandey and Piyush Mishra
Bangalore, August 06, 2014
In this rapid changing business environment, everyone looks for something different; 
something that will give them an edge over others. But is being different such a challenging 
prospect? Why do only a few people take the road less travelled? Some succeed, some fail but 
all emerge rejuvenated.
It is for this entrepreneurial spirit that IIM Bangalore brings forth the 7th edition of its 
annual Global Entrepreneurial Summit – Trendin.com Eximius 2014. The summit will host 
eminent speakers, budding entrepreneurs, corporate houses as well as enthusiastic students.
It will be inaugurated on the evening of August 8, 2014 with an inspiring talk on ‘Story of Shashi 
Tharoor taking the road less travelled’ and Entrepreneurship in general by Shashi Tharoor M.P., 
Former UN Under-Secretary General, renowned writer and orator, followed by a performance 
by Piyush Mishra, Lyricist, Musician and Actor. Piyush Pandey, the Executive Chairman, Ogilvy & 
Mather, South Asia, who was the driving force behind famous ads such as Dairy Milk 'Kuch 
khaas hai' and credited to be one of the key masterminds behind BJP's hugely successful 2014 
election campaign strategy will deliver the keynote address on August 9 at 11am. On the night 
of 9th, Padma Bhushan Mallika Sarabhai, an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus who is a legendary 
dancer, choreographer, activist and an entrepreneur at heart, will feature in a lecture cum 
performance session. 
Keeping with the spirit of entrepreneurship, Trendin.com Eximius ’14 puts the creative 
as well as the analytical abilities of participants to test in more than 45 events. Flagship events 
include Ingen, the B-plan competition; Disrupt-It, launchpad for technology startups and Reach, 
social entrepreneurship event dedicated to finding innovative solutions to real life problems in 
the social domain. BootCamp will provide a unique platform for startups to showcase their 
ideas in front of industry veterans. 
Vikram Kadam, Convenor of Eximius 2014, says: “This year we have laid great emphasis 
on creating value for early stage entrepreneurs through Eximius events. We envision Eximius'14 
to be a crucial milestone for fast growing startup ecosystem at IIM Bangalore”. In addition to 
events aimed at early stage entrepreneurs, there are numerous events and workshops that will 
ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in each one of us.
Trendin.com Eximius '14 is expected to welcome thousands of participants from over 
150 colleges all over India, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate participants. The 
prize money through various events of INR 20 lakh is up for grabs. Piyush Pandey has expressed 
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore- 560 076, INDIA Page 1
his enthusiasm to be a part of Eximius ’14 and is looking forward to share his experiences with 
the budding entrepreneurs.
As Shashi Tharoor puts it, “The larger context of individual entrepreneurship in business, 
political and social sense can change lives, make fortunes and indeed transform the future of 
our country.”
So step out, take The Road Less Travelled and make a difference!
For any queries or clarifications, please contact:
Gireesh Gera
Coordinator - Student Media Cell
Post Graduate Programme 2013-2015
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
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