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Fitness challenge: How PM Modi can politically gain from the exercise

From: Buisness-standard By Bharat Bhushan Recommended by: business-standard Watching Prime Minister Narendra Modi wade through patches of water and walk gingerly over pebbles, gravel, mud and grass before sprawling on a rock in a
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After Completing This TechStars Exercise, Everyone On Your Team Will Pitch Like A Founder

A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. I was invited to lead a Techstars LA workshop, focused on honing their elevator pitches. In my UCSB classes, my students practice their Personal Pitch in front of their peers, who give them
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Exercise your body to exercise your brain

I went for a jog with two good friends the other day.  A very long jog.  A half-marathon, in fact. Mark Paper, a friend since childhood, and Bobby Eldridge, both very successful businessmen, joined me for the second straight year of