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Google's Play Store will no longer be free to Android phone makers in Europe

Months after being hit with a record-setting $5 billion fine from the EU, Google is making major changes to its policies in Europe. For the first time in its history, Google will charge Android phone makers that want to sell devices with the Google
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Europe's Uber rival Taxify is launching itself into the e-scooter game

The likes of Uber and Lyft are increasingly cosying up to scooters, and now one of the biggest ridesharing operators in Europe is joining the fray. Estonian startup Taxify is rolling out an electric scooter sharing service in Paris this week, with
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Europe's trade coup

From: Buisness-standard By Daniel Gros Recommended by: business-standard All has gone quiet on the transatlantic trade front, with last month’s agreement between US President Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-
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Wikimedia Foundation says proposed European copyright laws infringe on human rights

On Thursday, the European Parliament rejected a controversial proposal to overhaul the European Union's copyright laws that critics say would significantly damage internet freedom. The legislation — dubbed the Copyright Directive — was
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What #SourceCon Europe Was Really About: Famiglia – and Livesteam Links to the Presentations

Earlier this year I attended my first SourceCon. I flew to Vegas, alone, to find out what everyone over there was doing. Going to a conference alone, on the other side of the world is quite exciting. I didn’t know...
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Europe’s New Privacy Rules Could Be Coming to Your Country

May 25 marked the deadline for companies to get in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU law that requires beefed-up data security for all companies that “process” the data of EU citizens (“processing
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3 Things That Surprised Me at #SourceCon Europe

On 12-13 of June, I attend the first SourceCon Europe conference, which was also my first SourceCon Conference. I was both excited and curious to go there and to see how such a high-level conference looks like in reality. In this...