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Cheaper jet fuel gives airlines a bump in profits

DALLAS — For airlines, the record profits keep coming, thanks to cheaper jet fuel.Like motorists, airlines have been saving money at the pump since oil prices began plunging last summer. Even with a recent increase, the spot price of jet fuel is
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How self-publishing on LinkedIn can elevate your professional profile

It’s no secret that social media and online profiles have changed the rules of the job search game in more ways than one.See also: Creative ways to mitigate the monotony of the job searchData shows that 73% of millennials found their last job
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Finding corrupt bankers starts with tracking their email for...sports tickets

Banks are hunting for rogue traders the same way the Pentagon hunts for terrorists: By predicting their behavior.Instead of looking for weapons deals and on-the-ground movement plans, predictive algorithms can spot shady bankers by tracking their
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Oceans rank as the 7th largest world economy

No. 7: Coral reefsWhen compared to the world's top 10 economies, Earth's oceans rank as the seventh largest, given that a new report estimates the value of their key assets at $24 trillion.Their inherent value is, of course, priceless, but the
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5 signs your cover letter is too over the top

As a 10-year veteran recruiter and long-time resume and cover letter writer, I realize that strong, relevant, and memorable cover letters are incredibly challenging for most people to write.Because of the fact they're so tough to write, I often
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Gratuitous hubris: beer company attempts to crowdfund 'beer hotel'

LONDON — "If you have plans, drop them. Seriously. Come witness something f**king spectacular."That was the message sent to the media ahead of Brewdog's announcement this week that the Scottish brewers are attempting to raise £25 million via a
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23 Ivy League Networking Secrets, That Actually Work! Part 2

Welcome back to The 23 Secrets Ivy League Networking Secrets That Actually Work Series. In
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How to Exit Your Small Business and Stop Being Overprotective

Overprotective entrepreneurs are those folks who can’t let anyone other than themselves complete important day-to-day tasks. When you’re that tangled up inside your small business, it makes it hard for anything or
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23 Ivy League Networking Secrets, That Actually Work! Part 1

Networking. If you’re an introvert like me, the very word sends a cold shiver down your spine,
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Learn What Your Online Business Website Should Have

Your website helps you to get noticed when you are trying to run an online business. Since your