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Angel Investing An Overview

A brilliant business idea too needs to be nurtured. What can be done when the options for raising cash are few? The Need: The big idea has struck! You have started to burn the midnight oil, constantly researching and refining the idea,
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The First One Year - In perspective

There is a lot that happens in the first one year of an organization and there is a lot that changes at the end of one year. We said the best way to capture this, would be to ask someone whose organization has just crossed that one-year milestone to
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Entrepreneurship - Challenges, insights and success recipe

The special edition panel discussion is an idea we conceived to provide a platform for successful entrepreneurs to share their insight and personal recipe for the benefit of other entrepreneurs and businessgyan readers. First we would have the
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Start-up recruiting - making it work

  It was tough recruiting the right talent for a new venture even in the boom times. Now, with the chips down, for most new ventures attracting the right people is the biggest challenge facing them. Here is a compendium of insights and tips
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Boom or bust, building an organization is always key

Entrepreneurship is about two major things:  risk taking and managing.  An important aspect of the latter is building and growing an organization.  When you think of a business idea and set out to implement it, you may probably start
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Insights into the Venture capital process - a guide for the entrepreneur

Even in these turbulent times, it is possible to obtain quality venture funding provided you understand the process clearly and are fully prepared.  However, most entrepreneurs often are not upto the challenge, the process being a first for
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Make each rupee you spend, count!!!

Analysts and industry experts are unanimous in their opinion that it was not market conditions but lack of a strong business model and cost control that was behind the downfall of many a new venture in the recent past.  Taking into account
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Fund Buzz, a Chennai, India-based ASP of e-mail and messaging services, has received undisclosed funding from Intel Capital.   Net Brahma spins of and gets $2 million in funding from JP Morgan.   Winphoria gets a
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Venture Capital Trends Corporate investors to the fore and in consolidation mode

It is a trend that is closely watched by promoters – investors, investment bankers – promoters, financial – institution – investors, management consultancies – mentors, consortiums and entrepreneurs etc. As it has far
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Blast off the starting blocks!!!

The figures and the market sentiment are quite disheartening. Plus the timeframe to plan, establish operations, obtain funding and scale is getting further compressed. In this increasingly winners take all scenario, there are many precautions that