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Legal Documents For Purchasing A House / Flat

A house can be brought or built.. If you are purchasing a house, it could be an apartment or a constructed house. Alternately you can buy a site and then build a house. The legal documents required for both are different. PURCHASING A SITE
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Pain or Pleasure

An entrepreneur needs to address the ‘pain’ of customers to succeed in business. Recently an entrepreneur planning to launch a new product was discussing it with a group of businessmen. During the discussion, Jayaram Krishnan of
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The Business Navigator

Entrepreneurs are risk takers who start a business based on their gut feelings. Though this is a common phenomenon to entrepreneurs all over the world, we in India cannot afford to take risks because of the socio-economic conditions and the
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Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

Prof. Stoddart you have been an entrepreneur yourself, what are your broad views on entrepreneurship? Prof Stoddart- In today’s context the role of an entrepreneur is more important than ever before. The world economy as such is slowing
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Entrepreneur Facilitation Panel at NSRCEL IIM-B

Could you tell us first about NSRCL?   Prof. Raghunath: N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) has be been set to be a world class Centre of excellence for seeding, nurturing and promoting entrepreneurship with
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The Value in Start-ups

Doing business with new companies can be very rewarding if you play your cards right. If you were to do business with Infosys, wouldyou even think twice? Most likely not, but if you were to do business with a start up, one would think ten times
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Mentor A Worthy Option

Does the CEO of the company have all the answers? There is a way to get to know the right answers and avoid costly mistakes. Mentoring is a relationship between two people in which one of them offers advice and guidance to help the other develop
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Angel Investing - The Investment Process

How does one move forward with an  investor, one has identified? Background   Over the last two months, we have been on a journey to understand the world of angel investing. First, with a bird’s eye view, then we examined
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Angel Investing Getting Started

Is there an angel waiting around the corner for you? Getting the right angel, how to identify him and more Background   This article is a sequel to last month’s piece titled “Angel Investing – An Overview
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Angel Investing An Overview

A brilliant business idea too needs to be nurtured. What can be done when the options for raising cash are few? The Need: The big idea has struck! You have started to burn the midnight oil, constantly researching and refining the idea,