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The money ventures

Contrary to popular belief VC funds have not dried up, but just got a little wiser in placing their money Recently when the former IT secretary of Government of Karnataka, Vivek Kulkarni resigned from his post, everyone was curious to know what
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Growing Pains

The IT scenario is positive and economy has definitely bounced back. But the one question that faces everyone is that, has the investment kept up. Are venture capitalists and fund managers as eager to loosen their purse string as in the first IT
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A New Year - A New Purpose.

The soul that has no established aim loses itself – Michael de Montaigne. The new year is upon us again, and as you read this special issue of Best Practices, I am sure that you will be motivated to implement some of these ideas in your
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A little bit of caution

For this home issue, we have a slew of articles on how to go about finding a house, and turning it into a home for you. We have information on kitchens, bedrooms, tiles, appropriate fittings, construction materials etc. But what about what not do
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Kitchen soul

A kitchen is the heart and soul of a house. Especially in an Indian home, it is the personal shrine of the housewife. This noble aspect of a kitchen has given me many challenging experiences in designing kitchens. I am thus inspired to share some
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Happening Homes

Meenakshi Residency   A pleasant ambience, refreshing greenery of landscaped gardens, a royal facade, a sense of security. Suite, it’s time to rediscover the joy of living. All this and more is what Meenakshi Residency offers.
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Dream Buys for your Dream Room!

A bedroom is the most private and personalised space in a home. Hence, the interiors of a bedroom must reflect the user’s style, needs and aesthetic preferences. But most importantly one must know how to manage space in a bedroom so that it
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Boudoirs of luxury

Businessgyan gives you a general guide to what is available in the market for your bathrooms, kitchen and furnishing. Bathrooms have evolved from the tiny, dingy cubicles of past to the boudoirs that spell luxury. Wash basins, bidets, jacuzzis
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Energising The Home

A guideline to what directions and colours govern your home mix Ashok and Nilesh, founders of the firm Inex, are into customized interiors. They have completed their first project, and have many prospective ones in the pipeline. They want to
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Real estate as an Investment

    Over the past couple of years, primarily due to tax sops on home loans, a lot of end-users have bought real estate   This article will consider real estate as income earning investment, residential or commercial.