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The Art of Internal Entrepreneuring

"Innovation often originates outside existing organizations, in part because successful organizations acquire a commitment to the statusquo and a resistance to ideas that might change it".   -Nathan Rosenberg A large
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Joint Ventures with John, Ray and Ram

The interactive session  titled ‘Entrepreneurship, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow' was held by TIE on Jan 30, at Le-Meridian, Bangalore. It was indeed a much awaited and a rare occasion to witness John Doerr, Ray Lane and Ram
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People Challenges in BPO's

Panel discussion on 19th Jan More Details
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Fixing Venture Capital

Many software companies these days are built using some form of venture capital. But the VC industry has been hurting lately. A lot of investments in dotcoms turned out to be spectacular flameouts. As a result, VCs are becoming ever more selective
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Petty and Private financing

A few years ago a new stationery shop opened close to my office near Saki Naka, Mumbai. The owner was a young kid, barely out of his teens. I found out that he had recently lost his father. On enquiring as to how he managed to arrange for finance
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Right fit for a big hit

Are there some common traits that ensure the success of an Entrepreneur? There were more than 200 automobile companies when Henry Ford changed the rules with his assembly line. I recall a dozen or so finance related web based businesses that
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Scaling Up A Venture

An enterprise cannot afford to remain in the start-up stage and delay maturation. It has to expand against all odds to be successful. Expansion is a natural by-product of a successful start-up; this also means the entrepreneur has just crossed
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The Triple Ace

Ace Designers began its foray into manufacturing of machine tools and has seen a constant upswing since. This story is as romantic as it can get. Three engineers working in an institute come together and start a design company in a garage. They
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Turmoil and Triumph

  “…if someone somewhere in the world can do at a lower price, then why cant you?” Rapsri Engineering is a 30 year old company in a niche space of manufacturing copper based components for automotive, power
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Small idea for a big leap

This entrepreneur is looking for big gains through his technological breakthrough of the smallest level It is a small non-descript company doing a research on the usage of nanotechnology in therapeutic medicine. But they are working on a