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Defending Your Line!

Have you ever felt that you could get a lot more done if your clients didn’t take up so much of your time?  It’s crazy when you think about it but my clients often tell me that many of the things that they wish they could do
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The 3 Things Startup Founders Need To Know About HR

From: Recommended by: Swetha Diwakar  By: Guest post Joseph Fung Startup companies should have a HR perspective in mind for the future Goal's. Do not neglect HR activities. I am sharing the
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The Importance of “Banking It”: How To Capture Key Learnings For Your Business

When most people hear the word banking, a long groan and moan follows these days, but this blog was writtento hightlight the value of banking knowledge.  I am a firm believer that “every day’s a school day”, whether you
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Are you a 'Connector'?

 Malcolm Gladwell writes, "sprinkled among every walk of life . . . are a handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack of making friends and acquaintances. They are Connectors." In this interesting article, Alina Tugend, the
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Fundamentals of Finance for Entrepreneurs–Cost aspects

The first 100 days of a startup are known as a valley of death, that is the time when a company has the maximum risk of survival – and one of the biggest causes for the death of a startup is lack of cost planning. Cost control and management
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10 Startup lessons from the Bollywood movie “Band Baaja Baraat”

My young entrepreneur friends will really enjoy watching the movie “Band Baaja Baraat”, and there are 10 reasons to like it. First of all, I must confess I had a choice between Tees Maar Khan (TMK) and BBB, and I am happy I took right
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Success Chakravyuha: Turning Ideas into Business...

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. — Buddha India is bursting today with thoughts of entrepreneurship. As a nation we are moving away from the “find a good job
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Lessons from IPL

IPL gave few interesting lessons to the entrepreneurs. These are excellent team work, leadership qualities and managing people  belonging to the diverse culture. All of you must be keenly watching the IPL matches - for the cricket, of
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TiE Canaan Entreprenurial Challenge 2008

TiE Canaan Entreprenurial Challenge 2008 is the prestigious and challenging national level business plan competition in India. It gives the opportunity to interact with top VC's and get mentored by some of the succesful entrepreneurs and
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Giving wings to visionaries

Often we hear talk about the right ecosystem needed for entrepreneurs to thrive and build businesses of the future. However, rarely we ever find any effort made in this regard. In the recent past, only the TiE association has been instrumental in