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Bitcoin enthusiasts take innovative approach, steal 600 computers

Mining for cryptocurrency can be an expensive proposition — albeit less so if you just go ahead and steal 600 powerful computers to do it for you.  That is exactly what 11 people are accused of doing in Iceland, after a large number of
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Sushil @ Zimbly Cars

From: Via: Love it..Am in a hotel in Italy, watching this and doing the Bhangra. Oye balley balley! Indian Automotive Enthusiast who
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From: Via: 1 of my favourite ProKabaddi pics. Even my non-sports-enthusiast wife (to my left) is applauding a great tackle of my favourite
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Satya Nadella

From: Via: .@Microsoft CEO @satyanadella's manifesto is an excellent read: Bold Ambition & Our Core: #gomsft!Bold Ambition
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Woman turns NYC subway car into Slip ‘N Slide [video]

From:   By: Kate Rinsema Via: Woman turns NYC subway car into Slip ‘N Slide [video] this