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New Global Standards for Reporting Brand Value Can Help CEOs Grow Share Price

Marketing assets can contribute over 50% of enterprise value when brand and customer equity are properly valued and measured. Newly announced global standards for evaluating and reporting brands provide marketers, CEOs and investors a financially
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Elissa Fink, CMO of Tableau: Helping Marketers Make More Data-Driven Decisions About Growth

Elissa Fink, the CMO of Tableau Software shares the practical ways that leading organizations are using data to support growth strategies, marketing resource optimization, and the big trade-off decisions they need to make to compete in a digital
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Proving The Contribution Of Marketing Investments And Assets To Enterprise Value

New research from the Forbes CMO Practice reveals that marketing investments can contribute over 50% of firm value when brand, customer, and digital assets are properly valued and the impact of marketing performance, collaboration, and perceptions
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Mahindra & Mahindra to acquire Turkey’s Erkunt for Rs 478 crore

From: Via: Having a presence in Turkey has been a key objective since '93! Thank you team @MahindraRise for