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What does your business need?

The terms Finance and Accounting are often used synonymously. Finance requires a sea change in thinking from the professional and entrepreneur alike. Does your business need "Finance" or is accounting enough?  Find out with this
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Demystifying Innovation

Innovation, of late, is believed to be  the single most differentiating and unique source of sustainable competitive advantage by many a business leader across the spectrum of the economy, admittedly, across the cultures in present day
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MindTree Lists Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP)

MindTree Ltd. (NSE: MINDTREE), a global IT Solutions Company and a leading provider of Bluetooth® intellectual property (IP) solutions, announced that its Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP) along with its EtherMind 2.1+EDR stack have been
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Talking about a Revolution!

Dr U Gauthamadas , director of the Academy for Disaster Management Education Planning & Training (Chennai) recently conducted a course on Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Enterprise for the School of Business, California Lutheran