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These Halloween pumpkins carved by NASA engineers are out of this world

Most of us would come at a Halloween pumpkin simply with a sharp knife and a will to succeed. Others would come equipped with NASA-level engineering skills. Every year, engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California
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Slack on an SNES? Engineer beams Slack messages to decades old Super Nintendo game

The Super Nintendo really was far ahead of its time. Bertrand Fan, a senior engineer for the messaging and chat application Slack, recently came across an interesting find. During the mid-'90s in Japan, Nintendo released a satellite modem peripheral
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Sourcing Engineers From Amazon Reviews

I am always looking to provide a unique and personalized candidate experience. I find it easy to collect data. But it is often hard to find something in common with people you don’t know. I guess this is where “break...
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Microsoft engineer shares her immigration story and sheds light on a broken system

In a heart-wrenching post, a Microsoft software engineer opened up about her personal immigration story. Sri Ponnada shared on Facebook that she must leave the United States in six months because of the nation's current immigration issues that have
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Google engineer shares terrifying video of his plane falling apart, makes dad jokes

Passengers on United Airlines flight 1175 from San Francisco to Honolulu experienced an unfortunate incident Tuesday when the engine's cowling fell off mid-flight. The plane made it to its destination safely, though it did make an emergency landing
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Scientist, Engineer and Operations Manager

A career is often based on one of these three stances: The Scientist does experiments. Sometimes they work, sometimes they fail. She takes good notes. Comes up with a theory. Works to disprove it. Publishes the work. Moves on to...  
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6 surprising engineering careers for job seekers interested in tech

From: Mashable By Recommended by: Mashable Feeling as if your current career path has reached a dead end? It may be time to find a new nine-to-five better suited to your interests and long-term goals.For engineers and