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What We Can Learn About Engagement From Video Games

I sometimes joke with those who ask me what I do that I get paid to play video games. It’s actually half-true. As a behavioral scientist who specializes in understanding human motivation and emotion, my colleagues and I cracked the...
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Woman hilariously hand models her cousin's engagement ring in viral proposal photo

A real friend is one who will drop everything to hand model your engagement ring when a surprise proposal catches you without a proper manicure. That's the situation one Australian woman found herself in when she witnessed her cousin's boyfriend
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Could Mobile Technology Be the Answer to Retail’s Engagement Crisis?

There’s little that’s more important for HR strategy than addressing low levels of employee engagement. Engagement — or an employee’s emotional commitment to a company — has proven links to everything that matters from
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Joe Jonas wins Halloween as fiancée Sophie Turner's 'Game of Thrones' character

Joe Jonas won hearts and Halloween itself on Saturday night with one of the best one-sided couple costumes we've ever seen. Going as the ultimate stan of his bride-to-be, Sophie Turner, Jonas attended a costume party dressed as Sansa Stark, her Game
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The 5 Keys to Employee Engagement

Engaged employees fully invest their best selves in the work they do. But what is employee engagement and how is it created? Employees and leaders intuitively know that when we find a place where we can throw our hearts, spirits,...
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Adorable engaged couple from the Emmys talk to Jimmy Kimmel from bed

It was the heart-wrenching highlight of a pretty hum-drum Emmys — a live proposal. When Glenn Weiss landed the Emmy in Directing a Variety Special at the Oscars this year, he surprised the audience — and particularly his girlfriend Jan
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5 Steps to Improving Engagement in Meetings

The interview for that new job you’re hoping to get. The coffee date with your personal hero, and hopefully, future mentor. The make-or-break sales demo with that perfect-fit client. The last-ditch attempt to mend a broken partnership. When
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Watch: Robert Cialdini on Incentives and Engagement

From: Via: RT @PeopleSci: Editor-in-chief @jeffkreislerBS chatted with @RobertCialdini about incentives and
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The Surprising Way AI Is Making Engagement More Human

Artificial intelligence and human resources may seem like strange allies at first glance. Artificial intelligence (AI) calls to mind words such as “cold,” “robotic,” and “automated,” while human resources (HR) is
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Taylor Swift third-wheels fans’ love story during engagement

What are two Taylor Swift fans who met at one of the pop star's concerts back in 2013 supposed to do when they want to spend the rest of their lives together?  Get engaged in the only way that made sense: In front of Taylor Swift herself. SEE