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Basics of Empowerment

Today empowerment is the focus when it comes to managing the employees. It is the need of the hour. The person who empowers needs to have the ability to see the power, in the other person, and know how to bring out this talent.  This person not
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VC Empowers an Entrepreneur

The word "empowerment" is always referred to the context of an employee and an employer relationship. But is there any other context that enjoys this? Read on.......   I have been asked to talk about "Empowerment".
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Seth Godin - Pushing Through the dip

cSeth Godin talks about 'How to Become the Best in the World' . The relentless rush to be mediocre. That's what my new book, The Dip, is really about. Or, to be a lot more positive about it, it's about avoiding temptation and gravity