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Pay for results or for actions- Learn from School Kids

In this fascinating article in the Time Magazine, 'Should Kids be Bribed to do well in School' an experiment is conducted in various schools to see if there is any impact on grades and learning if kids are paid money.The study has some very
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Undercover bosses discover that employees have them covered

So there's this new guy/gal, older than most entry-level employees, who shows up at your workplace one day and wants to learn the ropes.  A little unusual, you think, but you train the person to do your job and explain why what you do is
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It's not always about the money

I'm having a fabulous time on my tour promoting my new book, Use Your Head To Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You.  I've been meeting folks with so many stories that I could write another book on the
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Follow Your Passion

Great movies leave plenty of excellent footage on the cutting room floor.  It's part of the process, my son David, a film director, tells me. The same is true when an author writes a book. Following the dozens of interviews I conducted
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Use your head to open doors

In the State of the Union address, President Obama declared our national economic agenda "begins with jobs." So does mine. I'm dedicating myself to a 30-day, nationwide tour to launch my newest book Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job
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Never lose hope

In Greek mythology, Pandora opened her fabled box and let out all evils except for hope, which Greeks considered to be as dangerous as the world's other evils. Soon they discovered that without hope to offset their troubles, humanity was filled with
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3 stories from Steve Jobs life

When a man like Steve Jobs talks, you listen. And this speech given at the Stanford University Commencement Address is something that will definitely inspire anyone on how to live life. He shares 3 stories which shaped his life and says that even a
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Happy at Work

To succeed it is important to be happy at work. Here is the Manifesto where Alexander Kjerulf tells you how exactly to do it. There are specific steps to be followed.
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Flexible Organisation

 How does the CEO of a company take 2 months leave without feeling the need to communicate with his team even once....? This is the power of Empowerment and here is the interesting story of Mr. Uttam Ganguly, 53, Managing Director of Bend
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Fostering Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

 ,The greatest potential of fostering empowerment is by encouraging entrepreneurship outside an established organization. We can empower our rural youth and build sustainable enterprises by providing the right resources and guidance.