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4 Reasons You Should Let Your Team Set its Salaries

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy   "Let your Team members set their own Salaries?" seems heretical, and I first read about it in the book 'Maverick' by Richardo Semler
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Lacking Motivation? Follow These Steps to Get Back on Track

Not long ago, a business owner who reads my column asked me this question: I was wondering what do you do when your motivation level is lacking, as well as your  self esteem? What do you do to regain the motivation needed to move on
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How to Get Employees to Manage Themselves

"The old currency of work is Time + Physical Presence = Results. We want to change the conversation so that we have objective measures of results, not subjective. The new currency of work is Results. Period. " say 
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Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work?

From: Recommended by: Arathi Dan Ariely, in this very interesting talk proves that we do not work just for 'money'. It is a sense of satisfaction, achievement and a bit of recognition from our peers
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Fear of Rejection: Don’t Let It Stand in the Way of Your Success

Back in 1994 I authored the first edition of my book The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret. I was out promoting the book and trying to get bookstores to carry it. Back then, one of the ways to do that was to go to bookstores and
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Visualization helps you live your dreams

              The old saying goes: If you can dream it, you can do it.     I think that's more than just an axiom. I believe that visualization is one of the most powerful means of
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Good leaders bring out the best in employees

It's election season, and one of the greatest privileges we have in America is selecting our own leaders. While we have widely varied opinions of who should win, the fundamental characteristics of good leadership remain constant.
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Winners thrive on competition

I hate to lose. That said, I am proud to admit that competition has made me a better businessman, a better golfer and a better person. And when there isn't another company or business to compete with, I try to outdo myself. If that sounds
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A Story About Motivation

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy   People get motivated when what you want them to do fits in with their story. This very interesting article illustrates how "People
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The LEGO story

This is the story of a simple carpenter who only dreamed of making the best toys. It is the story of the colourful small building blocks that we are all so familiar with. What most of us do not know is the person behind it, the entrepreneur who