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Mistakes teach great lessons

In the book “The World According to Mr. Rogers,” children’s television star Fred Rogers passed along the following story about the value of making mistakes. An apprentice carpenter applied for a position with a veteran master
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Three Essential Questions to Ask

As a time-strapped businessperson, how do you figure out which networking events to attend and which you should let go by the wayside?  A networking strategy can help you decide  which events are worth your time. Here are three
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The Movement Maker’s Mindset

Mastery is a rarity. But with devotion + practice + patience you'll be there.
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Cracking the local marketing code

My Page   Travel, books, electronics, fashion, classifieds and now local services - e-commerce has disrupted the status quo in almost every sector. With Amazon venturing into grocery (Kirana Now), Snapdeal entering services and
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How your mobile phone actually saves you stress at work

Fear of Missing Out is the plague of our modern times. In a digitally connected world, Instagram and Snapchat give us party FOMO — why wasn't I invited? — and Facebook gives us vacation envy.   There is also work
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Four Daily Habits Of A Good Boss

Consistency is key, and a strong leader stands firm in what they practice. Each day, great people wake up and follow a specific personal routine that pushes them to be the best entrepreneur possible. Not only do these habits establish regularity in
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If You Want to Motivate Someone, Shut Up Already

From: By Brandon Irwin Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy Constant encourgement can be demotivating? Beliving that your contribtion affects the team, increases perfomance. Monitory rewards
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From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek ... This slideshare presentation is from the series of sessions and workshops conducted at IIMs and corporates - for Women Entrepreneurs and Women Employees ... under
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Helping women CAs move beyond the glass ceiling

From:   By: LUBNA KABLY Via: Helping women CAs move beyond the glass ceiling - The Times of India http://t.
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How to remotivate when you’ve hit a serious dead end

From:   By: Josh Urich Via: How to remotivate when you’ve hit a serious dead end any given