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How To Find A Job That Aligns With Your Values

Most of us want to feel the work we do is in some way meaningful, but many of us probably don't. With employee engagement figures in the toilet and the majority of workers open to considering a new job, it appears there's a high demand for better
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AnthahPrerana 2015 – Starts With You

From:   By: Angad Via: RT @VentureBean: AnthahPrerana 2015 - Starts With You via @
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Six Ways To Stay Motivated When You Really Want To Quit

We all hit a wall—a place where we feel like quitting because things get difficult or boring—but quitting isn’t always the right answer. Instead, you have to find internal motivation to keep going when you really want to bail, and that can come down
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Why the Best Places To Work list is becoming a battle of the flex

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy Autonomy is one of the key ways to get team members to feel ownership and be engaged and be productive. It starts with something as simple as deciding when
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The 7 commandments of managing freelancers

From: by: Balaji Pasumarthy More and more Entrepreneurs need to depend on Freelancers to get work done. Specially if you need expertise and skills that you cannot afford to have on your team full time. And in my experience
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4 Tips For Entrepreneurs Tackling Disruptive Challenges

Why do people start a business? For many, it’s the simple pursuit of being their own boss—calling all the shots, all the time. For others, it’s the entrepreneurial journey of launching a company, while creating a product or service
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Mistakes teach great lessons

In the book “The World According to Mr. Rogers,” children’s television star Fred Rogers passed along the following story about the value of making mistakes. An apprentice carpenter applied for a position with a veteran master
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Three Essential Questions to Ask

As a time-strapped businessperson, how do you figure out which networking events to attend and which you should let go by the wayside?  A networking strategy can help you decide  which events are worth your time. Here are three
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The Movement Maker’s Mindset

Mastery is a rarity. But with devotion + practice + patience you'll be there.
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Cracking the local marketing code

My Page   Travel, books, electronics, fashion, classifieds and now local services - e-commerce has disrupted the status quo in almost every sector. With Amazon venturing into grocery (Kirana Now), Snapdeal entering services and