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6 Easy Ways to Help Your Employees Eat Healthy in the New Year

Everyone knows the way to a person’s heart, but who knew the way to attract employees and keep them healthy is also through their stomach? With the relationship between and diet and health so closely related and well known today,...
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The Top 18 Articles of 2018 – #14 Perfect Hires Don’t Exist

Most companies are in search of the ‘perfect hire’ for their open roles. It’s understandable because every company requires the ‘best fit’ employees to thrive. Top achievers are the backbone of any business. Therefore,
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Is Google For Jobs a Job Board Slayer?

The unemployment rate is at a record low and job openings are at a record high. These should be happy times for job boards that provide the all-important access to job seekers, riding a similar wave of record job listings...
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Jobs as jumlas

From: Buisness-standard By Mahesh Vyas Recommended by: business-standard Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been often criticised for not exactly fulfilling his promise of 10 million jobs during his campaign for the Lok Sabha
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Here’s When It’s Okay to Be Slow to Hire

Being slow to hire often means a job goes unfilled for awhile. But it doesn’t have to. There’s a way to be slow to hire that’s fast and effective. It starts with understanding the real meaning of the idea. The...
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Make YouTube Part of Your Training Program. Your Employees Already Have

YouTube is not just for funny cat videos. In fact, a 2017 survey from the platform found that 56% go to YouTube to learn something new. YouTube is now taking the initiative to ensure that learning content finds its users...
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‘Corporate Skill Pivots’ May Signal the End of the Permanent Employees

Forget the job threats created by the march of the robots, because the new skill sets required by radical new technologies are much more likely to cause you to lose your permanent corporate job! In case you missed it, General...
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Where are the Linchpin jobs?

[We’re launching a new free project today. Read on for the details…] Industry offered a deal to the worker: Here’s a job. We’ll pay you as little as we can get away with while still being able to fill the job. We’ll
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Are Your Jobs Indexed in Google for Jobs? Jobiak’s New Tool Has the Answer

Startup Jobiak’s sole mission in life is to make sure your jobs show-up on Google for Jobs. I covered it last month and I also interviewed them on The Chad & Cheese Podcast. “With Google for Jobs, Google has completely...