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Elon Musk accuses Tesla employee of 'extensive and damaging sabotage'

Elon Musk has discovered a saboteur. At least, that's what he told Tesla employees in an email sent Sunday night, according to CNBC.  "I was dismayed to learn this weekend about a Tesla employee who had conducted quite extensive and damaging
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Employees Excel at Selling Candidates – The Warriors’ ‘Hampton 5 Story’

When it comes to closing top candidates, your own employees are the best salespeople. Top recruiting leaders already know the tremendous value that a firm receives when it lands even a single superstar recruit. In addition to outstanding performance
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Your Flex Work Culture Doesn’t Help Employees If It Hurts Their Careers

When employees see bias against flexible work arrangements, they’re less happy and more likely to quit.
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Annual Reviews Lower Employee Engagement

A culture of engagement starts at the top. When senior leadership commits to move from backward looking performance evaluation to forward-looking performance development, they commit to increasing engagement and the results are significant.
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Hiring Wisdom: Easy, Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Hiring

As you know, employee referrals are one of the least expensive, most efficient ways to recruit job applicants. Better than that, referrals who are hired are more likely to be above-average performers and stay on board longer because they
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Google promises it won't use AI to 'cause overall harm,' after employee rebellion

Google is attempting to apply its "don't be evil" ethos to artificial intelligence. Today, CEO Sundar Pichai published a lengthy set of "AI Principles" in which he promises the company won't use AI to "cause overall harm" or create weapons. SEE ALSO
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Uber CEO encourages employees to ‘have the D’

Ambitious Uber employees should now aim to get that D — that is, that decision making power. SEE ALSO: Tesla's Autopilot fails haven't shaken my faith in self-driving cars. Here's why. In an effort to add clarity to meetings, Uber CEO Dara