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ADA Won’t Protect Employee When Overtime Is Essential Part of the Job

Today, I’m going to revisit a topic that I’ve previously discussed a few times on the blog (here and here); namely, when is working overtime an essential job function under the Americans with Disabilities Act? The
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Flex Work: Good for the Employee , Good for the Business

The traditional 9-to-5 spent in the confines of the office is becoming less and less common. As the needs of both employees and customers change, employers are now having to become increasingly flexible to accommodate these through the provision of
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The Unsexy Employer Brand

There are clothes that only look good on models and mannequins. Unstructued flouncy dresses and suits that only work if you’ve spent four hours a day at the gym, eat only boiled chicken, or are made out of resin. They...
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Facebook investigating a current employee who has ties to that Trump-linked data firm

The hits keep on coming for Facebook. On Friday, the social media company booted the Donald Trump campaign-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica from its platform. On Saturday, we learned why: The firm played a role in secretly harvesting data
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Uber employees 'really enjoyed' London play about Travis Kalanick

The Uber UK office treated 50 employees to a night of London theater Wednesday — but it wasn't just any show. No, it was a satirical take on the rise and fall of a big-time CEO busy disrupting the world with his ride-hailing app and endless
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If Your Onboarding Program Means Filling Out Papers, Say Goodbye to Your New Hire

There is no time period more paramount to an employee’s career than onboarding, yet so many companies are failing at the process. With up to 30% of new hires quitting in their first six months and 22% leaving in the...
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Motivated Employees Are Key To Your Company’s Success In The Digital Age

Your employees are on the front lines in transforming the customer experience and actually play the most significant role. Have you ever measured the correlation between employees’ positive experience and customer satisfaction?