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There’s Some New Poaching-Related Guidance From the U.S. Government, and It Can Mean Criminal Prosecution

In late October, the U.S. federal agencies responsible for enforcing antitrust law issued new guidance about anti-poaching and related agreements that you may have missed. But it’s important to those of you in the U.S., so let me explain. The
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What Happens When Employees Bring Babies to Work?

At W.S. Badger, an organic skin-care company in Gilsum, New Hampshire, one employee’s idea turned into a benefit available to all. The company’s unique Babies at Work program encourages the parent/child bond at a critical time
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Exactly What To Do To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home On Fridays

If you think working from home on Fridays sounds good, you’re not alone. "Flexible work hours" is the most desired benefit among workers, with more than half of adult U.S. workers picking it as their top perk, according to the technology staffing
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Financial Wellness Benefits the Company and the Employee

Alright, so that’s not exactly new information. However, the way employers are (finally) responding to their employees’ financial pressures is exciting news. A 2016 Virgin Pulse survey found that 27% of companies are planning to provide
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How a Corporate Volunteering Program Benefits Everyone

Research consistently shows that employees are the happiest and most likely to stay at companies that are innovative, align with personal values, offer opportunities for growth and development, cultivate and encourage collaboration and teamwork, and
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Here’s How You Can Make Open Enrollment Great This Year

After months of planning and building your benefits package, open enrollment is finally right around the corner. Now, how do you ensure your employees are paying attention and participating? One of the most effective ways to maximize engagement is
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5 Parental Leave Trends You Need to Know

You already know about the so-called “arms race” in which companies are upping the ante on parental leave plans and other family-friendly benefits in an effort to recruit and retain today’s top talent. And you’ve seen the
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Understanding Your Employees Is the Key to Offering Personalized Benefits Programs

HR professionals today are challenged with developing a long-term reward strategy that suits the individual requirements of each employee. According to my company’s research — 2015 Global Employee Benefits Watch — employees’
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Employee Financial Well-Being Is An HR Concern

When it comes to financial priorities, many employees are primarily concerned with paying down debt, saving for large purchases, or affording child care and college education. Employees must figure out a plan to address these immediate expenses