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How to run a company with (almost) no rules

From: By Ricardo Semler Recommended by: Vsquare What if your job didn’t control your life? Brazilian CEO Ricardo Semler practices a radical form of corporate democracy, rethinking
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Resolve to solve workplace conflicts

Hercules, according to legend, grew increasingly irritated by a strange, menacing animal that kept blocking his path.  In a fit of anger, he struck the animal with his club, killing it.  As he continued his path, he kept encountering the
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Rewarding employees reaps company rewards

According to various surveys, seven out of eight people go home every night with a feeling that they work for an organization that doesn't care about them. That equates to 130 million people in the United States who go home feeling somewhat used
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Good leaders bring out the best in employees

It's election season, and one of the greatest privileges we have in America is selecting our own leaders. While we have widely varied opinions of who should win, the fundamental characteristics of good leadership remain constant.
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Do you or someone you know gossip at work? Very Practical Story.

Is gossip at work a problem? Try this...Have you or anyone you have known been guilty of gossip at work? The chances are you answered yes. Do you see it as a problem? The chances are you answered yes. Gossip at work and evil speaking of others is
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Low Cost Recruitment Strategies

Just found an intersting and useful blog on how to source candidates in low cost ways. For SMEs or multinationals, this article will give you tips on low cost strategies for hiring new staff....       Read more of this
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Feeling Blah About Work? Don't Blame Your Boss--Get Engaged

As an employee, you have three choices: Accept what you've been given, change what you've been given, or leave what you've been given. We want to focus on the second option. If you feel underused and undervalued, you can do something
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The Six Invaluable Factors

Every day the market you work in—regardless of the industry—asks ‘Are you invaluable?’ Did you answer the question satisfactorily today? Well done. Get ready to answer it again tomorrow. As the speed of innovation and
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Courtesy at work: Your colleagues will thank you

Most of us work with relatively sane people who try to behave during the eight hours or so that they're in the office.  And we attempt to do the right things and avoid offending our co-workers as well.   But some people just
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My Door is Always Open - But Not if There's a Problem

In my observation of leaders in action, I see some fantastic behaviors and excellent processes all of which contribute to strong and effective leadership. Sometimes I see that; sadly, not as often as I should. Instead, I see actions and