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Watch Parkland students' emotional Tonys performance and cry

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of a brutal February shooting, performed "Seasons of Love" from Rent at Sunday's Tony Awards.  Their theatre teacher Melody Herzfeld was named the recipient of the 2018 Excellence in
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Witness the emotional moment a kid sees colors correctly for the first time

EJ Denny parents gifted him color blindness glasses to give their son the ability to experience the colors of nature for the first time. Video courtesy of Read more...More about Technology, Mashable Video, Social Good, Human Interest
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We have our 'Sense8' finale trailer and there are just too many emotions

Though tragically cut short after two seasons, Sense8 is back for one last mission to unite its leading pack of of extremely special heroes. The final trailer asks one question of the Sensates, and of all of us: Who are we? SEE ALSO: In cruel twist
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None of Us Are Rational, So Smart Leadership Means Learning to Deal With Emotions

Emotions drive behavior in the office, often much more than we’re aware of. To be more effective leaders, we need to become more attuned to our own emotions as well to those of the people around us. This may come...
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Tina Fey surprising 'Mean Girls' fans is both hilarious and emotional

To understand just how ever-lastingly popular Mean Girls is, you only have to watch one of the speeches given by the women in the video above — and then their reaction when Tina Fey pops out to surprise them. SEE ALSO: 'Mean Girls' on Broadway
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A photographic journey through Mark Zuckerberg's emotions on Capitol Hill

Mark Zuckerberg's eyes: blank slate or window into a soul in chaos? On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg answered questions before the Senate about how Facebook went from a fun 'n flirty social network for college students to a data-collecting behemoth and
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Jay-Z opens up about his mother's emotional coming out story

Over the past couple of decades, we've heard countless of stories from Jay-Z's records that detail his often-private personal life and relationships with family members. But on the Brooklyn native's latest album, 4:44, Jay-Z gets real about