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From Yellow Vests to the Green New Deal

From: Buisness-standard By Joseph E Stiglitz Recommended by: business-standard By the numbers, France looks better than most, but it is perceptions, not numbers, that matter; even in France, which avoided some of the extremism of
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Please enjoy a photo of Emmanuel Macron crushing Donald Trump's hand

French president Emmanuel Macron added another chapter to his ongoing handshake journey with Donald Trump on Saturday. It all started in May 2017, the first time the two leaders met. In the months leading up to their meeting, Trump had built up a
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7 ways 'The Simpsons' predicted the chaos of Donald Trump's presidency

The Simpsons has given us some of the best satire of the century — and it turns out it also predicted the Trump administration and the unprecedentedly weird timeline it would bring. As the show enters its 30th season, it has managed to
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France bans smartphones and tablets in schools

Here's one way to crack down on phone use. The French Parliament on Monday voted overwhelmingly (62-1) to ban smartphones and personal tablets from schools. France already restrained students from using smartphones and personal tablets during
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Vladimir Putin's lonely World Cup umbrella is ripe for an internet roasting

The World Cup may be over now, but at least it left us with plenty of memories. Sweet, sweet, viral memories. Neymar's divingIt's coming home. Macron's ecstatic fist pump. The list goes on. The final, crowning jewel has to be Vladimir Putin's
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Social media is loving Angela Merkel's photo of Trump vs. G7 summit leaders

As per usual, Angela Merkel has no time for Donald Trump's nonsense. On Saturday, the German Chancellor shared a striking photo of the G7 summit on Instagram that prominently showed her and other world leaders gathered around Trump. SEE ALSO: Macron
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Emmanuel Macron's 'delicious wife' comment leaves people scratching heads

There's no doubting French President Emmanuel Macron's excellent grasp of English. But given French and English share numerous words that sound similar but have different meanings, there's bound to be some expressions that get lost in translation.
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Presidents Trump and Macron dug a tree and somehow that became a meme

It's been a long week of memes, guys. From the emoticon stare meme, to buying a perfect man for $5, to Kanye being Kanye, to Donald Trump hanging out with President Macron. We cover a lot of ground this week, so what are you doing? Hit play! Thanks