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Beware! Slack leaks are the new email leaks

When Amy Pascal's ruthless emails leaked in the infamous Sony hack, friends of mine who worked in the entertainment industry were less than shocked, recalling that her emails just reflected how everyone speaks, and how deals get made, in Hollywood.
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These millennial entrepreneurs think email is too slow for the startup world

There are two types of people in this world. Those who live at inbox zero, who frantically read, remove, and reply to emails the very instant they arrive.  And, then there's the rest of us: Those who live with thousands of unopened emails
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Woman gets email rejecting her for a job because she's not a man

Finding out you didn't meet the requirements for a job you wanted is always tough to hear.  But, a company in Spain is facing an almighty backlash after it sent a candidate an email telling her she didn't get hired because she isn't a man. SEE
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Clean your inbox, plant a tree!

From: Via: Clean your inbox and reduce your carbon footprint with @CleanfoxApp, it's free & eco-friendly #cleanfox #
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When an Email Exchange Turns Ugly

Get out from behind the screen and have a conversation.
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Rupert Murdochs son speaks out against Trump in blistering email about Charlottesville

From: Mashable By Gianluca Mezzofiore Recommended by: Mashable James Murdoch, CEO of 21st Century Fox and son of Trump's close ally Rupert Murdoch, has penned a blistering email condemning the president's reaction after the
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The Email Recruiting Battle Plan: How Does Your Target Audience Think? – Part 2

Our goal of this series of articles is to illustrate how to double your email recruiting results. The first installment of the email recruiting campaign provided an overview of the digital battlefield that is key to participation in the war...
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The Email Recruiting Battle Plan: A Digital Era Email Strategy – Part 1

Put on your marketing hat. Think like a marketer that happens to work in talent acquisition. This new model takes inbound recruiting to the next level. Inbound recruiting, like inbound marketing, draws the potential audiences to the organization
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Boss emailing you on vacation Respond with this

From: Mashable By The Muse Recommended by: Mashable I sat with my head propped up in my hand at one of those cramped hotel computer desks, listening to my boss ramble endlessly on the other end of the phone about something she