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New Gmail update will include self-destructing emails

The upcoming, redesigned Gmail looks like it will have several new features to protect the privacy of your emails.  One of these, according to TechCrunch, is self-destructing emails. Following the update, you'll be able to set emails you send
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This grandma actually printed out email jokes and saved them in a book

This takes "tech-literate" to a whole new level. SEE ALSO: Savage grandma's diary entry is basically the 1925 version of 'don't trust men' Writer and co-creator of Cougar Town Kevin Biegel shared a special gem on his Twitter from his grandma. My
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'Major' Gmail update might convince you to use email again. Maybe.

Let's face it: Email is played out.  The once internet king is long past its glory days, supplanted years ago by the likes of Slack, Signal, WhatsApp, and (shudder) Facebook Messenger. But for those of you who for some ungodly reason still
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Leaked EPA email tells staff to play up climate denial, ignore actual data

It's no secret that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt disagrees with the overwhelming evidence tying human emissions of greenhouse gases to increasing global average temperatures, sea level rise, and a host of other
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Cambridge Analytica used self-destructing email to cover its tracks

When you're in the self-described business of bribing politicians and influencing elections, it's perhaps best not to leave a digital paper trail.  Cambridge Analytica has that all figured out. SEE ALSO: Cambridge Analytica CEO talks bribery
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Beware! Slack leaks are the new email leaks

When Amy Pascal's ruthless emails leaked in the infamous Sony hack, friends of mine who worked in the entertainment industry were less than shocked, recalling that her emails just reflected how everyone speaks, and how deals get made, in Hollywood.
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These millennial entrepreneurs think email is too slow for the startup world

There are two types of people in this world. Those who live at inbox zero, who frantically read, remove, and reply to emails the very instant they arrive.  And, then there's the rest of us: Those who live with thousands of unopened emails
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Woman gets email rejecting her for a job because she's not a man

Finding out you didn't meet the requirements for a job you wanted is always tough to hear.  But, a company in Spain is facing an almighty backlash after it sent a candidate an email telling her she didn't get hired because she isn't a man. SEE
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Clean your inbox, plant a tree!

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