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There's a GoFundMe page to buy Elon Musk a decent sofa

Thank god someone has finally taken a stand defending what is most sacred, the comfort of multi-billionaires. SEE ALSO: Tesla on temporary Model 3 production shutdown: Nothing to see here In an interview with CBS, Elon Musk talked about Tesla's
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Tesla on temporary Model 3 production shutdown: Nothing to see here

Tesla's implemented a Model 3 production break this week as the company struggles to meet demand, reportedly catching employees off guard.  All eyes are on Model 3 production as Tesla has been lagging behind its production goals for the sedan
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Tesla clashes with NTSB over fatal Model X crash investigation

Tesla has been removed from the National Transportation Safety Board's investigation into a fatal crash of a Tesla Model X in the Bay Area.  The advisory group pulled the electric car maker from the investigation after Tesla continued to
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Elon Musk lets customers know when that dual-motor Tesla Model 3 will arrive

Those Tesla Model 3 orders are taking awhile, but at least the electric carmaker's CEO Elon Musk is keeping customers in the loop. Over the weekend, Musk, who is apparently sleeping at the factory as he takes over production of the behind-schedule
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Steve Wozniak promises to delete his Facebook account in protest

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica controversy, the #DeleteFacebook movement grows by the day.  This weekend, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak joined its numbers. Wozniak told USA Today on Sunday that he's leaving Facebook out of concern for
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Learn all about AI and deep learning with this super on-sale course bundle

Without so much as a warning, Siri suddenly became smarter, Google Translate became more accurate, and Amazon could straightaway predict when you were going to buy a new pack of toilet paper. If you're wondering how this happened, you can thank
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Elon Musk will sleep at Tesla factory to oversee Model 3 production

Tesla has lots and lots of cars to build so Elon Musk will be sleeping at his electric car factory. That's what the Tesla CEO tweeted Monday after an Information article about his deeper involvement in Model 3 production went out.  SEE ALSO:
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Hundreds gather to bid farewell to Stephen Hawking

Beloved physicist Stephen Hawking was honored at a private funeral service on Saturday. Hundreds of people gathered outside Great St. Mary's Church in Cambridge, U.K. for the event, which was attended by about 500 of the scientist's family, friends