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Is Electric vehicles business still in nascent stage in India ?

  The first electric bike was on Indian roads by this middle of this decade. In less than a decade, India has now more than 100 e-bike companies as per ARAI stats. E-bike component manufacturers started evolving now-a-days keeping
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Brushless DC Motors - Technology For Future Transportation

Now a days world is plagued with global issues like fuel shortage, global warming. No doubt Electric Vehicles are the solution for fighting against these issues. As convectional vehicles has fuel as energy source and engine as prime mover, Electric
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Battery Operated Vehicle

A battery operated electric vehicle (BEV) uses electricity stored in its battery pack to power an electric motor that turns its wheels. The battery pack is often recharged by connecting or “plugging” it into a wall socket or other electrical source
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Battery Technology Used In Electric Vehicles

A battery is the most expensive and least environmentally friendly component of an electric car. It is a real pain - a hurdle that keeps the electric motoring from development. Using the knowledge we posses, we cannot make an EC travel further than