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The Boosted Mini is the best electric skateboard for everyone

  Boosted Mini S $749 View Product The Good Easier to carry around • Half the price of the Boosted electric longboards • Top-notch build quality • Serious performance The Bad Almost the same weight as bigger Boosted
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Become the millennial you love to hate with this electric skateboard (bonus: it's on sale!)

There are a few things that will always be cool. Guitars solos. Spray paint cans. And above all, that legendary surfboard of the streets, the skateboard. Today, the skateboard has finally been perfected for those of us looking to remove all the work
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The Hover-1 Cruze is the only electric skateboard that doesn't terrify me

I'm a decent skateboarder, and electric skateboards terrify me.  Most electric skateboards are remote-controlled. When I push the button to start the board, it tends to jerk abruptly into motion, because my hands are uncoordinated, and my