Eight mantras with which CavinKare's Ranganathan has taken on HUL, P&G

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If there is one story which demonstrates how to take on the Goliath, it is the story of CavinKare. Chinni Krishnan Ranganathan, shook up an industry dominated by the big guys like Unilever and P&G and brought shampoo to the masses. There are several takeaways from this really well written article below.

''There are no money problems, only idea problems," Chinni Krishnan Ranganathan says, in between bites of his omlette. We are sitting in the restaurant of a Mumbai hotel and Ranganathan is regaling us with stories from his past.


Like the one about being a backbencher through school and college ("Don't underestimate us back-benchers," he says with a grin) or how CavinKare grew right under the noses of Hindustan Levers and P&G and continues to be a thorn in their side. Despite being at a fraction of the size and scale of those giants, for the last three decades, ideas are what have sustained the company he founded in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, in the face of innumerable crises.

Ranganathan walked away from Velvet Shampoo, which was controlled by his brothers after his entrepreneur f.....


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