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Timelapse of rush hour in Amsterdam shows how much more efficient biking is than driving

Rush hour makes driving hell.  Unless you're in Amsterdam, where bikes — not cars — clog the roads. A viral video shows that in the most cyclist-friendly city in the world, it's bikers lining up at traffic lights. Even with the
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Relentless Focus On Quality Boosts Corporate Growth And Efficiency

Top-level executives and quality professionals see a direct connection between the success of their continuous improvement or performance excellence initiatives and the success of their organizations.
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"Time for India to move from 'jugaad' to 'jhakkaas'"

From: Via: RT @Beyondjugaad: @anandmahindra and ChandaKochhar encourage risk-taking to improve overall innovation via @
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12 Most Effective Time Management Principles

From:   By: Marc Andre Via: 12 most effective time management principles doesn’t matter what type
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Make Mistakes

Have you ever made any mistake in your working? What a stupid question! All of us have made mistakes. Including me. Plenty. It is a part of learning and it is almost impossible that you learn without making mistakes. In our Company,
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5 Apps To Help You Swing Back Into Productivity Mode

A look at the best new apps designed to help you stay on top of email, keep your to-do lists streamlined, type on the go, and even wake up more easily.....When thinking about getting more done, popular apps such as Evernote and Dropbox come to mind
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Chaos catalysts Growth

In the following writeup, I have brought out the simple analogy that everything that appears as a 'mess' is always not a cause to despair: Many a time, during times of crisis and a deadline looming large, we face a moment of utter loss
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Listen if you want to learn

Few things are more frustrating than having to repeat yourself because the person you are speaking to isn't listening.  It wastes time -- and time, as we all know, is money! Perhaps a little further up the annoyance scale is the
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Leaning Towards Efficiency

Doing a need analysis and involving the employees in the planning process is an imperative task while planning an office layout.     Planning office layouts can prove to be a nightmare for the HR team. Any new implementation