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The latest Chinese social media trend is eating ice

ASMR videos are all the rage, and now time things are getting chilly. This ice-eating ASMR trend is popping up all over Chinese social media. It's exactly as it sounds: people are posting videos of themselves eating ice. Really beautiful ice. 
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Man eats all the food in 'Lord of the Rings' in tribute to his late father

Second breakfast. Elevenses. Luncheon. Afternoon tea. Dinner. Supper. It was all consumed by one dedicated Lord of the Rings fan, who created a themed 14-course menu that mirrors the food eaten by characters in Peter Jackson's epic film trilogy
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It's so easy to save money and eat healthy with zero-waste cooking

Max La Manna, the face behind Eating with Max, has become a cooking sensation in a short amount of time through the popularity of his Instagram. His fans and followers love his healthy, colorful recipes — which are not only healthy, but they'
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Fat unicorn cakes are the adorable trending dessert we're eating up

Sure, you have eaten many cakes in your time. But just how many of them do you relate to? Probably none, except in the case of these charming fat unicorn cakes that are getting plenty of love on Instagram. SEE ALSO: Bakery has perfect response to
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Here's a snake eating a possum, because Australia

Australian animals are terrifying enough, but it doesn't get more unsettling than watching one of them eat another. A carpet python named Monty was filmed devouring a possum in the backyard of Gold Coast resident Greg Hosking's home on Monday
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A dragon may have just eaten part of Washington state

If you didn't believe dragons existed before, now you will. Yesterday @whalesafaris pointed out on his local weather channel that Everett, Washington, was about to be eaten by a dragon. Maybe that sounded like a bit of hyperbole, but the radar
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The social psychology of overeating

From:   By: Shilpa Madan Via: RT @RobertCialdini: The social
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Maybe the real reason we don’t eat them is because they’re not convenient.

From:   By: Jonas House Via: Sure, Insects Are Icky. But the Real
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How To Eat Healthy When Your Roommate Eats Like Crap All The Time

From:   By: Stephanie Lee Via: How To Eat Healthy When Your
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Time-Delayed Eating Leads to Better Food Choices

From:   By: Roni Caryn Rabin Via: Time-Delayed Eating Leads