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Gifts for the sneaky booze-drinkers among us

Who among us hasn't tried to sneak in a little whiskey at a concert or before a particularly offensive work meeting? If you on plan on being inebriated on the plane or even boozing preventatively before a Tinder date, you should come prepared.
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8 of the best mini fridges for booze, beverages, and food

Sometimes you don’t have the space for a large refrigerator. You might live in a tiny apartment,  college dorm, or go camping in an RV where there isn’t room for a giant cold box to store your drinks and food. If you’re
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Drink up: 8 of the best insulated, reusable water bottles

You’ve heard it before: Water is necessary for optimal health. And while we all know by now that not everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day, keeping hydrated throughout the day has tons of benefits. But relying on pre-packaged,
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Coca-Cola is considering marijuana-infused drinks

Soda's overrated, so Coca-Cola's looking into weed.  Coca-Cola has been eyeing cannabis-infused drinks, according to a statement. The company said Monday that it's "closely watching" the use of CBD in "functional wellness" beverages.  SEE
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Dwayne Johnson sings, drinks tequila, talks about running for office

Dwayne Johnson is a man of many talents. Not only can he wrestle and act, but he can also sing and shot tequila with the best of them. SEE ALSO: 17 of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's best Instagram posts from 2018 so far The question is, could he also
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Mother's Day gift ideas for moms who just want a nap and a drink

Sleep. Glorious sleep. That is what your mom wants for Mother’s Day. Well, that and a strong drink.   This Mother’s Day, go straight boozy and cozy with mom’s gift. She will thank you — while sipping on a nerves-soothing
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Look, adults can drink milk and it's totally, totally fine

Next to admitting you like Tevas or once owned a hard copy of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, there's nothing more embarrassing than revealing you're an adult who drinks milk. By choice. In 2018, anti-milk stigma is alive and well in America and most
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Plastic straws, cotton buds, and drinks stirrers could be banned in the UK

The UK government has announced plans to ban the sale of plastic straws, drink stirrers, and plastic-stemmed cotton buds in an effort to cut down on single-use plastics waste.  SEE ALSO: These people are giving up plastic for Lent and it's all
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New plan would pay your deposit back if you return your drinks containers

Blue Planet II just keeps makin' waves. SEE ALSO: Diver films himself swimming in sea filled with plastic rubbish On Wednesday, the UK government proposed plans for all drinks containers — be they plastic, metal, or glass — to be part of
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4 ways you're doing water wrong (and how to fix it)

 You know you need to drink more water, but getting your 8 glasses in every day isn’t always easy. Staying hydrated keeps us healthy. It can impact kidney function, helps us boost our metabolism, and aids in digesting what we eat. But the