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Janelle Monae's new 'pussypants' video is the stuff of queer feminist dreams

It's been months since Janelle Monae released her subtly queer masterpiece, "Make Me Feel," and I'm still just at the beginning stages of my recovery period. Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately — there's no time to heal. On Tuesday, the
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'The Simple Life' reboot dream lives on: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reunited at an event

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been through a lot over the years. Thank goodness everything seems to be hunky-dory these days.  The stars of The Simple Life were just seen together in public for the first time in years — and their
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'Stranger Things' star realizes dream of meeting a Kardashian

No matter how good your Good Friday was, it probably paled in comparison to Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown’s own — when she finally met Kim Kardashian SEE ALSO: 'Stranger Things' fans rejoice: Dad Steve will be back in
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Jurassic 'World Evolution' is the dino video game of our childhood dreams

Tycoon games became a staple in many childhoods after Rollercoaster Tycoon showed us the joy of murdering a bunch of innocent theme park visitors through horribly designed coaster rides. Now imagine that, but instead of death traps disguised as a
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Nor'easter brings widespread threat of thundersnow, a dream for every weather nerd

Just like each of us has our own personality, each nor'easter is different, with its own idiosyncrasies and mood. The rapidly intensifying storm taking shape off the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England on Wednesday, for example, is unusually
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It Takes Hustle to Make Wishes Happen

“The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.” As I read daily sometimes certain quotes have me stopping in my tracks. This was one of them. When I searched, no one person was aligned to it. But for...
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Kansas shooting: Slain techie’s wife wants to return to US to fulfil his dreams

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Sunayana, the widow of an Indian engineer killed in a racially motivated shooting in Kansas, has expressed her desire to go back to the US to fulfil her husband’s dream.“It is the
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How to Facilitate Change By Empowering Others Through Coaching & Training

Each of us has the power within us to create the life we want, the life we dream about, and the life we were born to live.Each of us deserves to reach our full potential and manifest our true destiny. It is our birthright, but it must be claimed. It
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5 Steps To Harness Your Brain's Unconscious Decision-Making Powers

"Have you not noticed that, often, what was dark and perplexing to you the night before," the inventor Alexander Graham Bell once asked, "is found to be perfectly solved the next morning?"Probably, you have. If "sleeping on it" works, it’s partly
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3 major business lessons grown-ups can learn from these kid moguls

From: Mashable By Nicole Cammorata Recommended by: Mashable Image: Flickr/Steven DepoloKids live in a world filled with possibility, where no dream is too big and no idea is too small. Because of this can-do attitude, kids