Dr. JJ Irani on Creating a Culture of Quality

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Quality is a result of much more than implementing quality improvement programs, here are is a very interesting interview where Dr. JJ Irani of the Tata Group, former Managing Director of Tata Steel shares how the Tata’s talks about Quality and how it is so linked with value systems.

Here is one snippet from the video below which made me smile.

JJ Irani says that the Tatas do a due diligence of companies they want to partner with, and if the value systems do not match, even if the proposition is profitable they do not engage.... and “the Value systems now in the United States Corporation, may be after Enron and others, have reached a very good level and we feel very comfortable with them.”

And I liked it when speaking on Corporate Social Responsibility he shares:- “Cannot be a spike of prosperity in a sea or poverty.” “Cannot grow a tree in a desert unless you make the soil around you fertile.” Corporate Responsibility is an investment not a cost.

Tatas have a Code of Ethics, and transparent method for funding elections, they Fund the process not the party. So the funding is based on who wins rather than any preference for a political party.


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