Double your performance at work – in as little as 30 days

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Over the last three days, I’ve shared a number of powerful insights for elevating your performance—including how to disconnect from work in the evening, how to spark creative insights when you need them, and the secret to recovering over the weekend and arriving at work energized and motivated every Monday—all from the latest science.

But you know what? If you’re like many of the high achievers I know, what you need right now is NOT more information or tips.

What you need is action.

A plan of attack.

A step-by-step system for implementing these (and other) proven strategies so that you can power through your to-do list every day, get your evenings back, and feel excited about the progress you’re making in your career.

That’s exactly why I created Peak Performance Formula.

It’s not so much a “course” where I share with you a series of interesting ideas.

It’s a step-by-step program, where we help you successfully implement a series of changes to the way that you work, rest, and play — in order to not only increase your performance at work, but to improve your overall health, wellbeing, and happiness.

We’re opening the doors for enrollment, starting today. And it costs just $199 to get started right now.

In the Peak Performance Formula, we cover everything you need to know about top performance, including:

  • How to get the best sleep of your life (even during the workweek)
  • How to identify and protect your most productive hours
  • How to design a morning routine that consistently jumpstarts your day
  • How to prevent distractions from hijacking your attention
  • The best place to go when you need a creative breakthrough
  • How to plow through your email in minutes
  • How to short-circuit procrastination before it happens
  • How to use nutrition, fitness, and rest to achieve top performance
  • Why many performance “hacks” you’ve been taught do more harm than good (ever wonder why some people can’t sustain their focus for a few hours, let alone a few days? You’ll learn what techniques to use instead)
  • How your choices over the last 24 hours are influencing your performance right now (including how you used the last five minutes of your workday, the information you consume on your commute home, and yes, even eating certain foods, can make you sharper for your next meeting)
  • Why some forms of exercise are better for creativity than others – and which to use when you’re in need of a breakthrough idea
  • How the most successful people spend their weekends and vacations (high-performers use these techniques to recover from burnout)
  • And much more...

To learn more about this program and to register, visit here:


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