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Employees publicly call on Google to end its censored Chinese search engine

"Don't be evil" has transformed from a mantra into a plea. A group of Google employees published an open letter to their employer on Tuesday, calling for an end to Google's planned censored Chinese search engine. The 11 co-signees are mostly
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Google announces changes to sexual misconduct procedures

Google can apparently still live by "Don't be evil" when it wants to. In an email sent to employees Thursday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google was making changes to the way that it handled sexual misconduct complaints. The new policies are
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Google removes 'Don't Be Evil' motto from its Code of Conduct

To be evil or not to be evil — that is the question, Google. It seems after years of the tech company's commitment to its low-key creepy-sounding mantra, "Don't Be Evil," Google has removed the phrase from its Code of Conduct. So I guess that