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Samantha Bee apologizes for Ivanka Trump insult, and for it being a distraction

Following a week of outrage, Samantha Bee opened Wednesday's episode of Full Frontal by again apologizing for calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless cunt." The comment came from last week's episode, when Bee criticized Ivanka Trump for not doing anything
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Creepy AI scans a driver's face and voice to monitor mood and distraction level

You're being watched. No, not on Facebook, but in your car. Or at least you could be, with a new artificial intelligence system that tracks drivers' emotions, energy, and distraction levels. On Wednesdasy, Affectiva, a MIT Media Lab emotional
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How To Rescue Your Attention Span From Information Overload

We like to know what’s going on. Eighty-seven percent of respondents to a December 2014 Pew Internet and American Life survey said that the internet and mobile phones help them learn new things, and 72% like having access to so much information.But
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How The Most Successful People Keep Track Of Their Best Ideas

Being an ideas machine is one thing; giving your ideas the chance to be rediscovered and flourish is another.Because let’s face it: Ideas are merely forgotten thoughts if they’re not recorded, organized, managed, and implemented. How many times have