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Andrew McLaughlin

From: Via: Damn. I've just lost out on that whole market. Digg. Instapaper. [And Ex-X: Ex-White House. Ex-Google. Ex-ICANN. Ex-
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Reddit's last hope is a new CEO, same as the old CEO

Steve Huffman isn't much of a talker. Despite being the architect behind Reddit, he generally avoids the spotlight, leaving the media appearances to his press-happy cofounder Alexis Ohanian. Friends often describe Huffman as quiet and introverted.
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Linkin Park were once angry rockers, now they're rich venture capitalists

Linkin Park used to be known for angry, emo music that had all the feels...except happiness. Now they are pragmatic, hyper-rational, look-at-the-upside capitalists.The band, which is still touring and releasing records 15 years after its ubiquitous