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This baby wear is specifically designed to help parents monitor their child's breathing

The specific patterns on Nanit’s Swaddle and Breathing Band were designed to be read by the Nanit Plus camera — in order to help you track your baby’s breathing motion. Read more...More about Parenting, Mashable Video, Parents,
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How architecture and design set the foundation for better public health

Investment in health care systems — and innovative ways to improve them — is on the rise. Reports estimate that new, global health ventures could generate $1.65 trillion in new business value by 2030. Investments come from many sources
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Apple reveals redesigned iPad Pro tablets with USB-C and no home button

Apple's new iPad Pro tablets are here.  Apple today unveiled two new iPad Pros during a press event in Brooklyn, New York. It's the first time Apple has updated the iPad Pro lineup since June 2017, and the new tablets are much more than a
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Is Apple dropping a major hint with its iPad event invitation designs?

Apple just sent out invitations for its next big hardware event. Naturally, the speculation has kicked into high gear. This year's invitations featured a colorful Apple logo, along with the tagline "there's more in the making."  SEE ALSO: Apple
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This window art dedicated to the Queen in Westminster Abbey was designed on an iPad

The most recent artistic addition to London's 13th century church, Westminster Abbey, has been made using 21st century technology from California.  The stained glass window, a piece of artwork installed in celebration of the reign of Queen
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Companies are Using Architecture and Design to Inspire Workers

Can an office building, workplace, or cityscape have an impact on how we feel — both mentally and physically? In her fascinating 2017 book, Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives, architecture critic Sarah Williams
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The new Apple Watch 4 face is a design crime

From:   By: Mark Wilson Via: RT @FastCoDesign: The new Apple
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Graphic design is an in-demand skill — here's how to add it to your résumé

Have a knack for computers and an eye for good design? You should consider pursuing a career in graphic design. But of course, you don't need to be a bonafide graphic designer to add a couple of tools to your skillset. Graphic design
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How to Design Autonomous Optimization Projects

From: Via: RT @olcan: My next post in the series: How to Design Autonomous Optimization Projects. Hope you'll read
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Someone designed a toiletry kit you actually will want to use

The 'Expeditioner' wants to bring back the dopp kit. With multiple compartments, that seem to go on forever, and a sleek design, millennial travelers are going to question why they ever settled for using just a ziploc bag.  Heads up: All