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Apple patent reveals a new crumb-resistant keyboard design for MacBooks

The crumby keyboard on MacBooks may soon be replaced with something that actually works. A patent filing from Apple made public this week suggests the company is working on an upgraded version of its existing keyboards that would better resist
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Equity by accident, or by design?

From: Buisness-standard By Arunabha Ghosh Recommended by: business-standard Irrigation is the lifeline of India’s agrarian economy. Yet, it is a poorly delivered service for millions of farmers.Major and medium irrigation covers a
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Tokyo 2020 Olympics mascot designs are revealed and they are cute as heck

Good news for Olympic mascots fans and those already going through Olympics withdrawal: the official mascot designs for the Tokyo 2020 Games have been unveiled! SEE ALSO: A very serious and extremely important ranking of Olympic mascots It’s
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Snap has a new message for all the Snapchat redesign haters

Snap has finally responded to the more than 1 million unhappy users who signed an online petition demanding the company reverse its hated redesign. Unfortunately for all of them, though, Snap's response isn't quite as apologetic as they may have
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Brain-Based Learning: Matching LMS Technology to the Way People Learn Best

Recent research on human psychology and the brain has put the design and development of learning technology at an intriguing crossroads. Old learning management systems (LMS) already use simpler applications of brain science, such as
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Leaked Snapchat beta hints at new Stories section in redesign

Snapchat's hated redesign may be here to stay, but that doesn't mean Snap is ignoring all of the update's issues. The chief one being that Stories are far less visible now than ever before. But if you glimpse the latest beta version of the app, it
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Sorry haters, Evan Spiegel is not sorry about Snapchat's redesign

Hate Snapchat's redesign? Chances are, you're not alone. Not that it matters much, though, because Snap CEO Evan Spiegel just confirmed that he's not too concerned about the haters. SEE ALSO: Snap gives influencers analytics as everyone else rages
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New Apple store dubbed 'Pizza Hut pagoda' in backlash over its design

Apple's sleek glass and metal constructed stores are oft-admired around the world. It's not quite the case in Melbourne, Australia, where a proposed global flagship store in the city's Federation Square has been the subject of controversy since it
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Invest in these $12 earbuds that are designed specifically for sleeping

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Like water or oxygen, we all need a good night's sleep to
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Before you design a chart or infographic

What's it for? A graph only exists to make a point. Its purpose is not to present all the information. Its purpose is not to be pretty. Most of all, its purpose is not, "well, they told me I needed...