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It’s time for the changed expectations of the MBA Course.

The quantum of applicants for the common Admission Test (CAT) proves that the degree of MBA is still in demand. A lot of changes has taken place in the field of education. Earlier this degree used to be the most esteemed and sought after. MBA,
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Downturn - is it for real..

When we read the numbers published by IT department on advance tax payment, we will get the feeling that its the end of yellow patch. Every newspaper you read, you will find various members using downturn as topic. Some people say that its not over
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Sex and Cricket

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. This is not a typo. Hats off to you Mr. Kirsten! You’ve just made playing cricket more interesting for our players. By the way, for those of you, who are wondering about who this Mr. Kristen is and how is
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Going Beyond The Elements of IQ & EQ ...

My dear friend, Kishor Jagirdar  wrote on Wednesday, 23 May 2007 here in businessgyan under the title "Harnessing Human Capital for Performance Excellence" on what I'd spoken about the transformation of HR practices at the HR
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Are you sitting comfortably?

What is the accepted advise when it comes to setting up your seating position?The placement of your laptop/computer is equally important.Is there a consensus on the best practice within the workplace?If you work for prolonged periods with technology
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Lapjack"essential gear for back pain"

The cases of back pain is on rise. Poor posture is one of the prime reasons for back pain. So learning to sit properly can help strenthen the back. One of the prime reasons for back pain is to use laptop as desktop! The position of slouch potato
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Working Together Hand In Glove

Dear All,   Working with others, whether as an individual or as a leader of an Organization, is an essential part of every individual, managers and entrepreneur's remit. Team working is rapidly becoming the preferred
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Laptop is not meant to use as Desktop

Laptops are boon for mobile computing.The ease and comfort with which one can use laptop is remarkable and its usage will further increase in the days to come.   The working with laptop need to be viewed with extra care. As we lean
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The New Realities of Business in the Age of Conscious Capitalism

Capitalism is system with both economic and social significance, and in which trade and commerce are privately controlled for profit. However, in the current economic dip, businesses and entrepreneurs alike are rethinking the way they operate
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Making your IP portfolio work for you

In business and accounting an asset is defined as anything owned, whether in possession or by right to take possession, by a person or a group acting together, e.g. a company, the value of which can be expressed in monetary terms. According