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Why Spotify decided to go public now

Spotify provides joy on a daily basis for millions of people worldwide. Now, the music-streaming service is becoming a financial opportunity, not just a welcomed distraction.  On Tuesday, Spotify began trading on the New York Stock Exchange
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Decision-Making Doesn’t Always Require Collaboration

Collaboration is in vogue today. It’s a favorite theme for how to be a great leader and in how to solve most business problems. I’ve always tried to be collaborative and inclusive – even in situations when it probably wasn’t
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CEOs’ Decisions May Be Shaped by Whether They Have Daughters

From:   By: Cheryl Winokur Munk Via: RT @WSJ: Merely having a daughter
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3 Decision-Making Models Used by Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos

From:   By: Sean Kim Via: RT @anjana_vivek: 3 Decision-Making Models