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Solving AI's 'black box' problem: Learning how algorithms make decisions

In 2017, a Palestinian construction worker in the West Bank settlement of Beiter Illit, Jerusalem, posted a picture of himself on Facebook in which he was leaning against a bulldozer. Shortly after, Israeli police arrested him on suspicions that he
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Needed decisions by GST Council

From: Buisness-standard By TNC Rajagopalan Recommended by: business-standard The decision of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council to cut the rate on many items and make several changes to the laws and procedures has been
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Safe-to-Try: A Way of Making Tough Decisions

Stuck making a decision? You are not alone. Making decisions makes most people afraid. Even leaders fear the consequences of making the wrong call. Either because they want to protect their position or lack the courage to challenge the status-
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Uber CEO encourages employees to ‘have the D’

Ambitious Uber employees should now aim to get that D — that is, that decision making power. SEE ALSO: Tesla's Autopilot fails haven't shaken my faith in self-driving cars. Here's why. In an effort to add clarity to meetings, Uber CEO Dara
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Why Spotify decided to go public now

Spotify provides joy on a daily basis for millions of people worldwide. Now, the music-streaming service is becoming a financial opportunity, not just a welcomed distraction.  On Tuesday, Spotify began trading on the New York Stock Exchange
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Decision-Making Doesn’t Always Require Collaboration

Collaboration is in vogue today. It’s a favorite theme for how to be a great leader and in how to solve most business problems. I’ve always tried to be collaborative and inclusive – even in situations when it probably wasn’t