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Margot Robbie wells up when her brother surprises her in an interview

Sibling mockery is everywhere. SEE ALSO: The 'Best Actress' losing nominees hugging it out might be the sweetest moment from this year's Oscars Margot Robbie gave an interview to MTV Australia on Monday for Peter Rabbit.  This wasn't your
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Parkland survivor Sarah Chadwick perfectly mixes hot memes with serious activism

In the days since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that killed 17 people, students from the school have taken up a gun-control movement highlighted by powerful speeches, a tenacious CNN town hall appearance, and, in the case of
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The standout moments that made CNN's gun control town hall feel like a game-changer

On Wednesday night, a raw, emotional town hall about gun control on CNN emerged as a pivotal moment in the debate over gun control.  As a crowd of several thousand cheered and jeered, the survivors and families of the victims of last week's
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What would parents do to their kids if they ridiculed a senator? Give them ice cream, apparently

Wednesday's CNN town hall on gun violence was always going to be a heated affair. But the forum also presented numerous opportunities for the students, teachers and parents of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, to confront decision
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Former homeless man hands out roses for Valentine's Day, because it makes people happy

Valentine's Day might suck for single people, but for some, it's an opportunity to share a little bit of love. Like for a formerly homeless man named Cameron, who pledged to hand out roses to people at Nobby Beach, on the Gold Coast in Australia.
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Is Brexit an Opportunity to Reform Immigration for Skilled Workers?

In 2010, David Cameron pledged to reduce net migration in the UK to tens of thousands. This was always going to be impossible with the freedom of movement from the European Union. In order to meet their pledge to the electorate, Cameron and Theresa
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The Psychological Underpinnings of This Strange Political Summer

From: Via: The Psychological Underpinnings of This Strange Political Summer Bohr, the eminent
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David Cameron orders spicy Indian food for ‘last supper’ as Britain PM

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Britain’s outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron spiced up his ‘last supper’ at his 10 Downing Street office/home with Indian food such as Hyderabadi Saffron Chicken, Kashmiri Rogan
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Michael Schuman: Who wins from Brexit? China

From: Buisness-standard By Michael Schuman Recommended by: business-standard The United Kingdom's exit from the European Union (EU) is creating a lot of losers: London's finance industry. British Prime Minister David Cameron. The
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Britain Votes to Leave E.U.; Cameron Plans to Step Down

From:   By: STEVEN ERLANGER Via: Britain Votes to Leave E.U.;