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How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Work

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an exciting concept, a future where "billions of things are talking to each other," as technology consulting company SAP describes it. We’ve seen gadgets and domestic appliances connect to the Internet and ping your
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Why Genuine Empathy Is Good For Business

Some people think of empathy as a touchy-feely, "soft" skill. It isn't. Empathy is a hard business skill that’s absolutely critical to the bottom line. It’s not about being nice—it’s about feeling someone else’s pain.Whatever your feelings on Amazon
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Lookup, A Chat App That Connects Retailers And Customers In India, Raises $2.5M

From:   By: Jon Russell Via: RT @lookupHQ: Elated to announce our Series A funding! Thanks @vkhosla, @biz, @kris_sg :) @
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Netflix raises its price for the second time in 18 months

"Netflix and chill" will cost a little bit more.Netflix has raised the prices of its standard service to $9.99, a one dollar increase from its previous rate.The move comes about a year and a half after a similar hike that increased the fee from $7.
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Does Facebook’s New Feature Negatively Impact Personalization?

I have been asked recently to provide my opinion on the biggest customer service challenges affecting organizations today. My number one answer is that consumers want to do business with companies that provide personalized service delivery.  How can
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Use the Mackay Sales Scalpel to Sharpen Selling Techniques

Everyone is in sales.  Why?  Because from the time we wake up until our heads hit the pillow at night, we are continually:  communicating, negotiating, persuading, influencing and selling ideas. Do you want to nail the sale?
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Hire People who are Passionate about Customer Service

If I go into a pet store, I expect the people working there to love animals.  That makes sense to me.  Taking care of dogs, cats, birds, and fish can be fun but there are chores involved.  Cleaning out a cage or bathing a dirty dog requires passion
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4 Customers an Ecommerce Retailer Must Serve

From:   By: Armando Roggio Via: 4 Customers an Ecommerce Retailer Must Serve @ecommerceboy Classifying a shopper
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The “Sales Clock” and the Prospect

For an entrepreneur, sales and networking go hand in hand.  Consequently, I’d like to talk about sales.     A few weeks ago, sitting in an airport waiting for my plane to arrive, I struck up a conversation with the young
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Don’t let false assumptions cloud your thinking

One afternoon, a woman noticed two small boys on the front step of a house.  They were in their school uniforms carrying their backpacks and she assumed were going home after school.  They were on their tip-toes trying to reach the