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Tracking offline conversions

From: Via: Optimize AdWords 4 online conversions =Been there, done that. Boring. Optimizing AdWords 4 offline =OMG! offline
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The 66 Point Innovation Checklist

From: Recommended by: Narendra Bhatta Innovation is the urge to unveil creativity within an individual. For creativity to thrive and flourish, one needs to continuously fuel the Innovative spirit
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Velocity of Opportunity

  Speed wins deals and procrastination (delay) kills deals. A statement very strong, but true…however, something which all the sales professionals would agree based on their experience in the field. Every buying decision that a
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Don’t Separate Design from Implementation

I was a programmer for about fifteen years. Then I managed a factory IT department for a few years, and managed vendors delivering software for yet more years.  In all of those years (with one exception), software was delivered on time and
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Get the most out of people - new White Paper

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy  By: Mark Mckergow I liked Mark McKergow's concept of Host Leadership. Steps above the typical stereotypes of "Dictator",
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Amy Lockwood: Selling condoms in the Congo

From: Recommended by: Srikanth Acharya Speaking your customers' language:   Every business that has made it to the big league has done so by graduating from being
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How To Determine Market Demand For Your Startup

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy  By: Rahul Varshneya Nice article, this quote from Guy Kawasaki sums it up “Market research and business planning are overrated. The best
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How Insights Shape Strategy.

Why do strategies fail? The principal purpose of strategy is to achieve a desired future state by making the business competitive. Strategies fail when they are inconsistent with the long-term goal. The leadership may have, as is usual, defined
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‘Does your Company have an effective strategy?’

Last month I had asked if you could articulate your strategy briefly. You can do that only if you have one. Do you?  Managers may answer in the affirmative yet most firms struggle with strategy. Sustained superior profitability is the
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Nine Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content

From: Recommended by: ADMIN Businessgyan How do you attact your customer in this era where there is so much to choose from. One of the ways is your content on your website....In this